Monday, August 17, 2009

We, as teachers of the game, have failed to gain the interest of the average person. And because of this, many potential chess players never go past the first lesson because the game is often explained the old fashioned way, the way most of us learned -- putting all the pieces on the board and going for check mate! This is only fun for a certain type of person (we can name them -- chess players, smile)! However, I have reinvented the wheel. I have made learning the game of chess fun again! Forget the sterotypes about chess because they are not true. Stereotypes like the game is boring, hard to learn and for nerds (I am sure you have all heard these things, but you might want to check with Will Smith and P. Diddy because they are avid chess fans and I really don't think they can be categorized as nerds.)

Some people feel that learning chess the old way is correct. But my new method has changed all that. Children of all ages have a good time, learn the game, and they even compare it to their favorite video games. Why am I doing this? Because chess is my passion and this is my contribution to the game itself. When I moved to Alabama ten years ago, there were hardly any chess players. My game suffered, and my interest waned. But I've been teaching chess for eight years now, and I'm steadily building a chess playing community here in Alabama with this new method. Birmingham will be a chess mecca! Stay tuned for more.

Chess On!!

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