Monday, January 10, 2011

Chess On In 2011

Well, it's a new year and I want to once again push chess as the answer to many of society's problems. Over the years as a teacher of the game, I have seen transformations in people with my own eyes that can only be compared to a metamorphosis. Children I have taught and helped to see themselves through the game of chess have made the transition from nerd to cool person, and from bully to thinker and achiever. They've changed from the quiet little girl to state champion. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to chess.

Chess is magical. It has changed entire school environments that were almost impossible to learn in and calmed the mind of the students, allowing them to see that they make a choice about their education. They make the choice of the environment they learn in and who will and who will not allow them to learn. When enough students are awakened to the fact that they are losing ground because of disruptive people around them, they take a stand and stop this behavior themselves.

It is not cool not to be cool. It's that simple. Once the misbehavior becomes uncool, everyone still trying to continue it is out of place. Chess is the game that allows that person to get back into place by sitting down, shutting up, and having a good time fitting in. It allows them to be part of the crowd without losing so called "cool points" because they checked themselves instead of someone else trying to adjust their attitudes or behavior. How? Why? because every one of the students in any school wants to fit in and be cool.

The student who will not do anything the teacher says is taught the game of chess by me, of course, because I can see into any child and touch their curiosity about themselves. I say this because if you are not the right person, in certain environments, you simply can't reach the students. This child will learn that inside of them there is a person who can learn, win, think, and make better choices. And they'll realize just how much time they have been wasting. The things they did not believe or have been told all their lives that are not true about themselves are revealed. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I am here to serve the nation and help with my weapon -- the game of Chess. I have seen students improve in all of their other subjects for this reason alone. And chess is the tool that has done this! Give Chess a try at your school and if you need a Fixer, just call me -- Charles A. Smith. I can change everything!!

Chess On!!!

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